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Important Updates

The Version 3.0's Runtime Environment requires that you have the MFC runtime files MFC71.DLL and MSVCR71.DLL installed. If your system is not automatically configured to download all of Microsoft's updates, you may not have these files. If these files are not present you will get the message "MFC71.dll cannot be found". If you receive this message you can simply download and unzip the below archive to your Windows\System32 directory.

Download dll files.

If you are running Version 3.0 in a Network Environment, install the software onto the server and install the Workstation Run Time Files on each workstation that will be accessing the software. When you run the setup executable, do not alter any of the settings. Once the runtime files are installed, create a shortcut and point to the K930/K930.EXE file on the server. If you would like to use the icon associated with the software, you will find it in the graphics folder within the K930 directory on the server.

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