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Sergeant Nick DiCicco

Command K9 - Company Information

Command K9 was founded by Sergeant Nick DiCicco. Sergeant DiCicco became a K-9 handler in 1996. His experience working with police department K-9 units and private K-9 detection agencies taught him what is needed to manage a K-9 unit.

K-9 handlers used to carry notebooks to keep records in the field. Many officers would enter those notes into a spreadsheet program to keep track of everything from training courses to callouts. The entire process was time consuming and less than efficient.

Command K-9 Management Software Version 1.0 was developed and released in 1998. This exciting software application was specially developed to be user friendly and run smoothly on a variety of platforms. Since the initial release the software has been continually upgraded to meet the needs of K-9 handlers. Continual impovements and feeback from K-9 handlers keeps Command K-9 Management Software the industry leader.

Command K9 is located in Solon, Ohio. Sergeant DiCicco heads the K-9 unit for Orange Village Police Department and is Director of Operations / CEO Command K-9 explosives and narcotic detection team.

Sergeant DiCicco takes pride in developing the best K-9 management software with inpecable service and support. Working with his peers in the K-9 field is an ongoing opportunity to provide what K-9 handlers want and need to do their jobs easily and efficiently.

    Command K-9, Inc. - P.O. Box 391697 - Solon, Ohio 44139 - 440.248.0011